Objects made during lockdown in Conyer, Kent 2020

The yachts, made out recycled mahogany decking
and tin sheet from wrecked caravan on banks of the Swale.

A Little Wooden Horse,
made out of recycled mahogany,
approx 20 x 14cm

A dresser, made out of recycled pine - top, 
base and sides, new oak doors and surround
all limed and waxed,,
recycled mahogany handles and 
expensive hinges.

A pair of flared bedside tables, made of
recycled pine for base, sides, shelves
and back, new oak for tops, 
all limed and waxed

Whales, out of sycamore and lime,
approx 70cm and 55cm long

Little boats on reclaimed timber

Small wall reliefs, reclaimed timber -
limed and waxed, metal, etc

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